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A.J. Huffman
Designs By A.J. was started in the spring of 2002. My portfolio is always growing as the word gets out to more and more people. I want to make available affordable design with YOU the customer in mind. I will always be open to your suggestions and thoughts. If there is something special you want, I will try my best to make it happen for you. So take some time and look around the site and feel free to contact me, I love feedback.

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Jason Caldwell Motorcycle Info Cards

Jason Caldwell Motorcycle Info Cards Designed Info card for a friend / co-worker to hand out at Motorcycle Shows. A picture of his VTX Motorcycle along with his name and phone number where placed on the front of the card. Information on who provided the paint job and where he got some of his custom parts for his VTX Motorcycle where placed on the back of the card.

Salem Clinic Appointment Cards

Redesigned business/appointement cards for Dr. Griffin A. Arnold II of the Salem Clinic in Salem Arkansas. Added the PLLC to the logo as well as the Bible verse to the front of the card.

Sumers' Surveying Inc.

This is business card I designed for Bob Sumers who ran Sumers' Surveying in Monticello Arkansas. When he moved his office from downtown to his home, he needed new business cards with his new address on them. I worked for Mr. Sumers for almost three years.

DBA Business Card

Designs By A.J.! Business Card This is business card I designed for my graphic design business. I designed the card to match an earlier version of this website.

Living Hope Business Card

Living Hope is a company my ex-wife used to work for. She needed a business card to hand to clients so I made this one for her.