About me

A.J. Huffman
Designs By A.J. was started in the spring of 2002. My portfolio is always growing as the word gets out to more and more people. I want to make available affordable design with YOU the customer in mind. I will always be open to your suggestions and thoughts. If there is something special you want, I will try my best to make it happen for you. So take some time and look around the site and feel free to contact me, I love feedback.

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Port of New Orleans Paint Scheme

Paint Scheme for Work Boat A paint scheme I developed per the customer's request, so they could see how it would look on their boat. This was a project I did at my engineering job at SeaArk Marine, Inc.

Hopsice Home Care.

An evacuation plan done in AutoCad for Hospice Home Care of Monticello Arkansas.

SeaArk Marine Inc.

3D Text of the SeaArk Marine Logo made with the SolidWorks 2007 software.

Boat Console

This Console / Dash is for a SeaArk Marine work boat. I layed out the components on the dash so the customer could see what it would look like in 3D.

A.J.'s Place

This Mast is for a SeaArk Marine work boat. It is used to house different electronic items such as radars, anchor lights, sirens, etc.

Everyday Life

This Grab Rail is for a SeaArk Marine work boat. I used a premade 3D hand to make sure that a hand could fit inside.

Command Center

This Wooden Command Center is for a SeaArk Marine work boat. I designed it in AutoCad and decided to try to make in using SolidWorks for practice.


This Rachet was designed as practice during one of my SolidWorks training classes.